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Hey, gang! Very excited to share a character profile from my pal Julie Flanders' latest, The Ghosts of Aquinnah. Sounds like Julie has woven yet another superbly suspenseful story for us! (If you haven't read Polar Night yet, do so. Soon. :)

Take it away, Stella!

Aquinnah, Massachusetts
The Ghosts of Aquinnah Character Interview

What is your name?

Stella Winslow

What do you look like?

I’m petite and thin, I’ve always been called tiny. I have long auburn hair, fair skin, and green eyes.

When were you born? Where do you live?

I was born in 1864 and I live in the town of Chilmark on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. I’ve lived on the same farm for my whole life. It used to belong to my parents, now it belongs to my husband.

What has been the most important event in your life?

I helped in the rescue efforts when The City of Columbus sank off the coast of Gay Head in January, 1884. I took care of one of the survivors, a young man named Christopher Casey. That experience totally changed my life.

Have you ever been in love?

I have, once. I’ve also been married once. I didn’t marry the person I loved and I didn’t love the person I married.

Do you hold grudges?

Yes, I do. And I’m like a dog with a bone once I’ve set my mind to something. If I have a wrong that I think needs to be righted, I don’t care how long it takes me to accomplish that.

Who is the person you respect the most? Despise the most?

I respect my parents, they were wonderful people. I despise my husband.

What goal do you most want to accomplish in your lifetime?

I want people to know the truth about Christopher Casey.


A brilliant flash of light transcends through time.

Another freezes a cloaked figure within a frame of salty mist as waves crash against a rocky shore. Her harrowing expression shadows the beacon to a pinprick.

By the next blaze, she is gone. Only the lighthouse remains.

Hannah’s eyes blink in step with each heartbeat. Images of her deceased parents and Martha’s Vineyard explode like firecrackers inside her mind.

She shakes her head.

For weeks this eerie woman dressed in nineteenth century garb has been haunting my webcam, but tonight she stared into my soul.

Why? ...

Who is she? ...

Casting aside months of research on historic lighthouses, Hannah drives to the coast and boards a ferry.

What is the strange connection she has to this mysterious woman suspended in time?

Hannah finds out.

But, it’s not at all what she expects...

Hannah unravels a century old murder.

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Author Bio: Julie Flanders is a novelist and freelance writer in Cincinnati, Ohio. She has a life-long love affair with the ocean and has spent more summer vacations than she can count on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. When not writing, Julie can be found playing with her pets, reading, cheering on her favorite sports teams, and watching too much television. The Ghosts of Aquinnah is Julie’s second novel. Her debut novel Polar Night was released in February, 2013 by Ink Smith Publishing.

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  1. Thank you so much for having me here today, EJ! And for your comments about Polar Night!

    And thanks for reading, Alex! :)

  2. Loved this character interview (especially things like "I respect my parents, they were wonderful people. I despise my husband. :) )! An eerie and intriguing premise for a story~ congrats to Julie!

  3. A terrific character interview, Julie!

    Stella's husband obviously must be a piece of work...

  4. This was a deep profile. I could feel her want to help Chris and the despise she felt for her husband. I'm intrigued to know more about her. Thanks for doing this Julie.

  5. She sounds like a fantastic character!

  6. That was a very intriguing little profile! I want to know more. Nice set up. :)

  7. This book just sounds better and better all the time. I can't wait to dive into it.

  8. This interview gives many hints as to why this book must be read! :)

  9. Loving this character interview! Stella's answer to whether she's ever been in love is so, so sad...

    1. Yeah, Stella has a rough time of it. Thanks, Heather!

  10. Stella sounds like a strong, dynamic person, but I agree that it's sad she didn't marry the man she loved.

    1. I'm glad you see her that way, that's how I thought of her. Thanks, Misha!

  11. Wonderful interview. Stella was one of my favorite characters in the book. The poor dear!

  12. I love getting to meet your characters this way, how fun!

  13. What a great interview- that last line hooked me right in! Great job E.J. and Julie!

  14. Awesome interview! I have been wanting to read this one since I first heard of it! Wishing Julie the best of luck. So fun to learn more about Stella (her marriage sounds sad).

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Jess! I'm so thrilled you are interested in reading the book.

  15. Poor Stella. I'm curious about how her life and that of Hannah intersect in this book. Thanks for bringing the intrigue!


  16. Love the name Stella. And she signs like a girl I can hang with. :)


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