Hey, gang! Excited to share a New Adult debut novel from our pal, J.L. Campbell.

J.L. is a ridiculously prolific author with many books under her belt, so I can't wait to see what she does with her NA series! Here's a little FYI about the project–

Five Things You Didn't Know About Perfection

Perfection is my first foray into the world of New Adult fiction, but it has been an educational and fun-filled journey. The story ideas grew out of a series of novels I'd already written about three mature couples. Their daughters, when they first appeared were 14, 15 and 16. Over the duration of the series, these girls appeared onstage with their distinct personalities and when I closed the women's fiction series, I had no idea there were more stories to tell.

Then, the idea of showing the growth of the young ladies took root and soon, I had three complete stories. As I've said elsewhere, my three New Adult tales were gifts that dropped into my lap, complete with characters and storylines. After reading copiously on and in this category, I got ready to take on the challenge of creating a story with a gripping plot and compelling characters.

The first book, Perfection, follows the relationship of Natasha and Karim, who struggle to forge a trusting relationship despite their challenges.

Some unique features include the fact that:
  • Perfection takes place on the island of Jamaica, which gives armchair adventurers an inside look at another setting and culture.
  • Karim is a parent, which is not unique for a guy at age 22, but his circumstances do take a surprising twist. 
  • The three girls who show up frequently in Perfection are related by the marriages of their parents, so apart from being friends, they have a strong familial bond.
  • By no means am I the only storyteller to writes from the perspective of a male, but at four-chapter intervals, the reader gets a chance to see inside Karim's head. 
  • The two main characters are sports enthusiasts, who both do exceptionally well in their chosen fields.
Perfection is live at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. There's a giveaway, so if you're interested win winning a copy of both Perfection and Fixation, which releases next week, enter on the Rafflecopter.

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About the Author

J.L. Campbell is an award-winning, Jamaican author who writes romantic suspense, women's fiction, new and young adult novels. She has written thirteen books, two novellas and two short story collections.

Her novels include the Island Adventure Romance series, which currently has four exciting, stand-alone stories and features feisty women and determined men. She also writes under the pen name Jayda McTyson. She is a certified editor, who also writes non-fiction.

Visit her on the web at http://www.joylcampbell


  1. That helps the characters were already there in your first series.
    Like the new header, EJ! Very professional.

    1. Thanks, Alex! I love that she's carrying the characters over as well. I'm seeing more authors do that from YA to NA and I think it's a cool idea for aging-up your series.

  2. "ridiculously prolific author" Yes, she sure is! :D And I love your new banner, E.J.! It's very authory. ;)

    Congratulations, J.L.!

    1. Thanks, Chrys! I dream of being able crank out more than a couple of novels a year. Folks like J.L. make it look easy. (And I so know it's not. LOL)

  3. E.J., thanks ever so much for letting me visit and like Alex and Chrys, I'm loving your masthead.

  4. Wow! A whole new look here, E.J. and a great guest, too!

  5. "ridiculously prolific author" about sums it up.
    Congrats Joy!
    I like the new look E.J. Really cool!

  6. Thanks for introducing us to J.L., E.J. And by the way, I love the new look to your site. The banner is excellent.

  7. Hi, Joylene,
    Thanks for dropping in.

  8. Glad to 'meet' you again, Patricia.

  9. Sounds awesome. I love stories that take place somewhere new and different. Best of luck!


  10. Prolific is right! I can't get a book done in less than a year.
    Congratulations, Joy. :)

    1. Thanks, Melissa. I know we all work at different paces. This particular story seemed to have written itself.

  11. I was just at her blog! Congrats again, Joy.

  12. Congratulations to Joy! :) And wow, E.J. Awesome new look!

  13. I'm late, but I have an excuse. I took a break and loved every minute of it. Congrats to Joy!

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