Hey, gang! Excited to share a New Adult debut novel from our pal, J.L. Campbell.

J.L. is a ridiculously prolific author with many books under her belt, so I can't wait to see what she does with her NA series! Here's a little FYI about the project–

Five Things You Didn't Know About Perfection

Perfection is my first foray into the world of New Adult fiction, but it has been an educational and fun-filled journey. The story ideas grew out of a series of novels I'd already written about three mature couples. Their daughters, when they first appeared were 14, 15 and 16. Over the duration of the series, these girls appeared onstage with their distinct personalities and when I closed the women's fiction series, I had no idea there were more stories to tell.

Then, the idea of showing the growth of the young ladies took root and soon, I had three complete stories. As I've said elsewhere, my three New Adult tales were gifts that dropped into my lap, complete with characters and storylines. After reading copiously on and in this category, I got ready to take on the challenge of creating a story with a gripping plot and compelling characters.

The first book, Perfection, follows the relationship of Natasha and Karim, who struggle to forge a trusting relationship despite their challenges.

Some unique features include the fact that:
  • Perfection takes place on the island of Jamaica, which gives armchair adventurers an inside look at another setting and culture.
  • Karim is a parent, which is not unique for a guy at age 22, but his circumstances do take a surprising twist. 
  • The three girls who show up frequently in Perfection are related by the marriages of their parents, so apart from being friends, they have a strong familial bond.
  • By no means am I the only storyteller to writes from the perspective of a male, but at four-chapter intervals, the reader gets a chance to see inside Karim's head. 
  • The two main characters are sports enthusiasts, who both do exceptionally well in their chosen fields.
Perfection is live at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. There's a giveaway, so if you're interested win winning a copy of both Perfection and Fixation, which releases next week, enter on the Rafflecopter.

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About the Author

J.L. Campbell is an award-winning, Jamaican author who writes romantic suspense, women's fiction, new and young adult novels. She has written thirteen books, two novellas and two short story collections.

Her novels include the Island Adventure Romance series, which currently has four exciting, stand-alone stories and features feisty women and determined men. She also writes under the pen name Jayda McTyson. She is a certified editor, who also writes non-fiction.

Visit her on the web at http://www.joylcampbell

Massive Charity Auction for Writers & Readers

Hey, gang! Just want to quickly share news about the epic charity auction we're running over at NA Alley. There are some unbelievable items up for grabs. And the cause couldn't be better.

Hope you'll take a minute to check it out (and hope you score something awesome!). Also, please share if you get the chance. Every little bit can help this awesome young woman.


A One of a Kind Charity Auction for Writers & Readers

NA Alley is pleased to announce our first industry-wide goodwill campaign. We have partnered with an all-star list of donors and the Join Queena project to host a one of a kind charity auction for Queena--an inspiring young woman, whose life was touched by tragedy.

If you haven’t already, please take a moment to watch this video and familiarize yourself with this beautiful person, her struggles, and her triumphs

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Follow the event on Facebook and join us there for a wrap-up party full of fun and giveaways, Friday, May 1st.

For all the event details, check out

On behalf of Queena, her family, our donors, and NA Alley, we thank you for your contributions. Happy bidding! 


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Cover Reveal - Nick Wilford's A Change of Mind & Other Stories

Hey, gang! Popping in to say "hello again" and share a cover for an upcoming release from our good blogging friend and author, Nick Wilford.

Congrats, Nick! Wishing you all the success.

Hope the rest of you are doing great and writing lots,


A Change of Mind and Other Stories

Author: Nick Wilford

Genre: Contemporary speculative fiction

Cover Design: Rebekah Romani

Release Date: May 25th 2015

A Change of Mind and Other Stories consists of a novella, four short stories and one flash fiction piece. This collection puts the extremes of human behaviour under the microscope with the help of lashings of dark humour, and includes four pieces previously published in Writer’s Muse magazine.

In A Change of Mind, Reuben is an office worker so meek and mild he puts up with daily bullying from his boorish male colleagues as if it’s just a normal part of his day. But when a stranger points him in the direction of a surgeon offering a revolutionary new procedure, he can’t pass up the chance to turn his life around.

But this isn’t your average surgeon. For a start, he operates alone in a small room above a mechanic’s. And he promises to alter his patients’ personality so they can be anything they want to be…

In Marissa, a man who is determined to find evidence of his girlfriend’s infidelity ends up wondering if he should have left well alone.

The Dog God finds a chink in the armour of a man with a megalomaniacal desire to take over the world.

In The Insomniac, a man who leads an obsessively regimented lifestyle on one hour’s sleep a night finds a disruption to his routine doesn’t work for him.

Hole In One sees a dedicated golfer achieving a lifelong ambition.

The Loner ends the collection on a note of hope as two family members try to rebuild their lives after they are torn apart by jealousy.

Nick Wilford is a writer and stay-at-home dad. Once a journalist, he now makes use of those rare times when the house is quiet to explore the realms of fiction, with a little freelance editing and formatting thrown in. When not working, he can usually be found spending time with his family or cleaning something. Nick is also the editor of Overcoming Adversity: An Anthology for Andrew. You can find him hanging out on his blog or on Goodreads or Twitter.

Fantasy Fans Gather Round!

Hey, gang! I'm back to share some great news. My author pal, D.A. Botta, has just released the fourth book in his Elyzian Chronicles saga, Hexametyr. DA has a great sense of humor and takes his craft seriously, so I have no reservations recommending this one to folks. :)

To celebrate the launch, I'm helping spread the word about the entire series, beginning with book #1, Hysterata. Here's the skinny:

Emily Hobbs is off to Salem State College when a chance encounter with a fortuneteller changes everything. Emily is transported to the realm of Elyzia and learns that she is, in fact, one of the most powerful witches in existence.

Madame Lavache, the strict headmistress of Cedalion Covenstead, has her sights set on Emily. In her desperate cling to power, Lavache attempts to protect her tyranny by invoking sinister forces, including bloodthirsty pirates and The Devil himself, to rid Elyzia of the rebellious witch.

Along with her companions – an old hermit, a small coven of witches, and their totems – Emily sets out on a collision course with destiny.

Just as the tarot foretold.

A powerful witch
A simple tarot read
And all hell breaks loose

The Elyzian Chronicles 

Hysteriata - Book 1
Sinfluence - Book 2
Sycamortem - Book 3
Hexametyr - Book 4

You can enter for a chance to win the entire series below! Here's a little more about D.A. -

D A Botta has written four New Adult Fantasy novels, The Elyzian Chronicles, and has also published a collection of poems There in Them Blues. D A is currently working on a New Adult Mystery series, Seriously Confidant, projected for debut in the fall of 2015. D A is a Fantasy Representative for NA Alley and frequents #NALitChat on Twitter. When not writing, D A plays guitar and dabbles in graphic design. D A lives with his family in Massachusetts.

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Quick Update & Thank You

Hello, gang. I've been VERY quiet here on the blog the last several weeks as I've worked through some things in my personal life--many of you know about it if you're connected with me elsewhere.

Anyway, I haven't jumped the blogging ship completely, I'm just try to manage things as best I can.

I cannot say how much your words of support and encouragement have meant during these rough stretches. I also want to say thank you to everyone stopping by for the Blitz and the excellent Soak-a-Bloke, Realms Faire fun.

Y'all have definitely added a spark to my week! :)

I'll be back to blogging real soon,