The Mating Game Blog Hop ... Sort Of

Hey gang! Today I'm doing something a little ... different. A blogging buddy of mine--AND super talented lady--Jaycee Delorenzo recently released her latest novel, THE TRUTHS ABOUT DATING AND MATING. To celebrate the occasion she has orchestrated a fun blog hop. Here are the details as per Jaycee:

The Official Rules!

- Pick a couple from your novel, manuscript, or WIPs

- On December 3, 2012 go to each of the judge's blogs to gather the question for your couple to answer (There will be a total of five questions).
3. Jaycee Delorenzo |

On December 10, 2012 post your couples five answers and "hop" around the other participants blogs to comment on their couples!

Optional: Participate in the reader voting round on December 14th to vote for the finalist couple that you feel stood out the most :)

EJ NOTE: If you have a good time here and want to read more entries, click the hop button above to go to the official page--a list of the other participants is at the bottom. I'll post a reminder on the 14th, and of course I'd appreciate your vote!

Okay, that's the dirty, but here's where it gets tricky. I don't really have a traditional 'couple' of the romantic variety in the Moonsongs books (yet ;). So I'm going to get creative and introduce you to Jenny and Marshal, a couple of friends forced together by proximity and circumstance, and bound by their appreciation for each other's ...  uniqueness. Here goes:

The Odd Couple...

Marshal: Can't you just pause the game? Ask the other players to wait or something, it'll only take a second.

Jenny: *glances at Marshal* You can't pause an Online match. It ends when you die--Son of a bitch! Thanks, you just got me knifed from behind by the worst guy on their team. They're going to crush me on the message boards for that one... 

Marshal: Great, now you can help me answer these.

Jenny: *flips the controller onto bed, turns to Marshal* Oh sweet Jesus, what've you got in your hands?

Marshal: The latest issue of V came today! *squeezes magazine to chest in a puppy hug* And LOOK at what they did to poor Keira Knightley. She looks like a transexual-zombie-hooker! *shows cover and shudders*

Jenny: I'm starting another match...

Marshal: Wait, this is important! This questionnaire will tell us if we're a good relationship match.

Jenny: *rubs temples* What relationship? You're a smart dressing, highly sensitive, and civic minded gay man. I'm an anti-social, emotionally calloused chick who takes pride in her collection of vintage t-shirts. Tom & Jerry had more of a natural relationship than us--and they tried to kill each other.

Marshal: *waggles eyebrows* I'll pay for the pizza tonight. C'mon, it'll be fun!

Jenny: *falls back onto bed, stares at ceiling* You're lucky I'm broke ... and starving. Just get this over with.

Marshal: *grinning like a Power Ball winner* First question--

Tells us about a memorable experience you shared together.

Jenny: Like the time I didn't kill you in some horrible way for subjecting me to bullshit surveys?

Marshal: Be serious! I'll go first - When we were nearly eaten by a werewolf.

Jenny: *furrows brow in thought* Yeah, I can't top that one. Next.

Marshal: You go first this time. Question number two--

What would you do if the one you wanted was terrified of your feelings and pushed you away?

Jenny: Die alone--and probably happy.

Marshal: *sighs* Well, I'd be heart broken. You know how hard it is to find a decent guy out here in West Texas ... Next question--

What is one of the roadblocks standing in the way of you getting together?

Jenny AND Marshal: *uncontrolled laughter*

Marshal: *wiping away a tear* Moving right along--

How would you describe the other person, using only one word at a time? 

Jenny: Ooh, I'll start this one! Absurd. *grins*

Marshal: *frowns* Shabby.

Jenny: *glances at camouflaged sweatpants and shrugs* Peacock.

Marshal: Oblivious.

Jenny: *points* Proud. Jerk. Who. Thinks. He. Is. So. Pretty. 

Marshal: *shrugs* Stubborn. Ass. Who. Thinks. She. Is. So. Clever.

Jenny: Next?

Marshal: Right--

What was the first thing you noticed about each other?

Marshal: *laughs* Your hair. Purple mohawks were cool in 1983--for like a week.

Jenny: *looks away* Your confidence. 

Marshal: *puts magazine down* Really?

Jenny: Sure. You were the first person brave enough to talk to me when I moved out here to the sticks sophomore year. And I knew you were different--not by how you dressed or anything--just by how you behaved. You were genuinely proud of who you were. That takes a lot of confidence in a small town. Hell, in any town.

Marshal: *touches Jenny on the shoulder* That's seriously the nicest thing you've ever said to me...

Jenny: *turns to Marshal and grins* Can we get breadsticks, too?

Marshal: You suck.

That's my entry! Do you think Jenny and Marshal make a good couple? :-D  

Be sure to give Jaycee's book a read as well. The early reviews have been outstanding!



  1. That was great! Love the smart ass banter.

  2. Excellent! I love the way you set up the interview beforehand, and all your answers were great! I was particularly fond of seeing Keira Knightley described as looking like a transexual-zombie-hooker LOL! I do love her, but it still made me giggle!

  3. Best friendship ever. Worst couple on the planet. But they're great in this bloghop and I had a lot of fun reading it. Thanks for visiting my hop post.

    1. Thanks Sheena, totally agree -- worst couple on the planet. lol

  4. I never even heard about this blogfest. I think though it's probably aimed at a hetero audience since gay fiction represents .05% of the market.

    1. Was just too much fun waiting to happen with that pair, Michael. :-)

  5. I was LOL a lot while reading this! Great humor and I love the twist on the theme :)

  6. I love the one week in 1983 to the mohawk comment! :-)

    1. I had to dig deep to think about what year a mohawk would've been in vogue ... and then figure out a way for Marshal to marginalize it even more. :-)

  7. I love your voice, EJ. It rocks. :D

    1. You say too many nice things for Jenny's taste, but I think she'd like your spirit Morgan. ;)

  8. I love them! I want to read their story, they sound so great together :D

    1. Hey you! They're a lot of fun to write, that's for sure. :-)

  9. I love the interplay between them.

  10. Loved the banter between these two. Nothing like friends to give each other a hard time. ^_^

  11. Bwaa-ha-ha! This had me rolling! I love this couple!

    Thanks for participating! :D

  12. Bwahaha! So I am very much delighted by this entry, and it made my day. I thank you my friend, and thanks for participating in the hop :D

  13. ROFL xD That's great!
    I LOVE those two!!! :D

  14. Ahahahaha! The Odd Couple are too cute. Hmm, breadsticks sound pretty good right now. Can we have marinara sauce to dip them in, too?

  15. Ha ha! Bullshit surveys! Love it!

    Very cute idea for a blog hop.

  16. I LOVE these two! They make the perfect couple. ;)

  17. This was fun, and really helped get to know the characters. Purple mohawk, woo-hoo! Plus, I liked that she got him in the end.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  18. I enjoyed your entry and now that they are getting even chummier you will have to write a whole book about their relationship! It could really be interesting and well educational? LOL

  19. I adored your entry. You have some awesome characters. :-D

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  21. I really enjoyed this. My fav line? Like the time I didn't kill you.
    Really made me laugh.


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