Sizzling Summer Hotness!

Hey, gang! Just wanted to drop a line and let everyone know about  the HUGE-MASSIVE-EPIC giveaway/bloghop I'm a part of.

Going on this week, a whole mess of YA and NA authors and the good folks over at YA Bound are going on a blog tour with tons of guest posts, etc. (Did a fun character interview with Jenny & Marshal, so let me know if you see me out there!) But that's not EVEN the best part.

We are giving away 2 (yes T.W.O.) Kindle Fire HDs--one loaded with New Adult books, one loaded with YA. So you're definitely going to want to go enter this bad boy. Lists of participating authors and bloggers are below, along with links to enter the giveaway.

Good luck if you enter, and tell them E.J. sent you if you stop by any of the blogs hosting the giveaway! :)


YA Bound Book Tours is organizing the Sizzling Summer Giveaway event featuring 50 authors!  This giveaway event will take place July 22nd to July 27th.  The giveaway is 2 Kindle Fire HD's with e-book prize packs! (shown below)

Participating Authors:
Rachel Harris
Trisha Wolfe
Alyssa Rose Ivy
C.C. Hunter
Bethany Lopez
Cindi Madsen
Tiffany King
Raine Thomas
Laura Howard
Patrice Michelle
Jennifer Snyder
Carrie Butler
Andrea Heltsley
Jennifer Lane
Shannon Duffy
Devyn Dawson
Nazarea Andrews
Cherie Colyer
T.M. Franklin
Dawn Pendleton
Lisa Sanchez
Morgan Wylie
Eliza Tilton
Liz Long
Meradeth Houston
Dawna Raver
Erin Danzer
Lisa Collicutt
E.J. Wesley
A.K. Morgen
Elle Chardou
Lara Schiffbauer
Jaycee DeLorenzo
JD Nelson
Sharon Bayliss
C.R. Everett
Thea Gregory
Brandice Snowden (not shown)
Nicki Elson
Diana Castilleja
A. W. Exley
Krystal Wade
Elizabeth Sharp
Krissi Dallas
Tia Bach
Jamie Ayres
Michelle Muto
M.R. Polish


1 - Kindle Fire HD with NA/Adult e-book prize pack (shown)

1 - Kindle Fire HD with YA e-book prize pack (shown)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Participating Bloggers:
http://nettesbookshelf.blogspot. com


  1. Dude, that is a lotta books! What a great event and giveaway :)

  2. That's an impressive amount of books and authors!

  3. Who wouldn't want to win!!!!!?

  4. I've read E.J. Wesley's Moonsongs was awesome! Great urban fantasy/horror goodness. Chosen at Nightfall by C.C. Hunter is a fun YA paranormal romance series. Thanks for the massive giveaway!

  5. Whoooooah. Awesome prizes.
    Tweeted this. :)

  6. Fantasic giveaway! Tweet tweet :)

  7. That's an epic giveaway all right.

  8. This is a wonderful giveaway, thanks for sharing.

    1. You're very welcome, Sheena! Now go win one of the suckers and let me know how awesome it is. :)

  9. Wow. What an amazing giveaway. Huge thanks to YA Bound Book and all the authors participating! Off to tweet this! (:

  10. Well that is sizzling! Yowza! ;)

  11. Thanks for the awesome giveaway info! Good luck to all!
    (And hey, EJ, thanks for stopping by even when I take forever to post.)


  12. Wow! That's an incredible giveaway! Very nice.

  13. Wow, that's a great give-away. Congrats to whomever wins.

  14. My goodness, that's spectacular. If my house wasn't already overflowing with books I don't have much time to read, I'd throw my entry in.


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