Secret, Secret, I've Got A Secret... & Speculative Fiction Chat

Okay, it's no longer a secret. BUT, you'll totally have to go snooping to get all of the details. :) 

But before that, why not listen to this little number from the Secret Sisters (Hunger Games Soundtrack)

Back to the news! My good bloggy-wrting pals, Michael Di Gesu & Siv Ottem, have been collaborating on Siv's upcoming release, Secrets Of The Ash Tree. (The title alone has me intrigued!) Michael has crafted the cover, Siv the story. 

We'll get a first look at the cover on Monday, and hopefully Siv will share a little about the book as well. So be sure to head over to their blogs then for the full scoop from these talented folks!

ALSO, if you're a fan of speculative fiction (SciFi, horror, fantasy, etc.) you'll definitely want to check out the transcript from our latest #NALitChat. For the uninitated, we chat about New Adult fiction every Thursday night (9 PM Eastern) over on the Twitters  by using the #NALitChat 

We now also do a special audio broadcast along with the usual Twitter chat (we take questions and comments from Twitter and present them to our guest authors to answer on air live... you'll hear me, too :), and last night we had two awesome authors (Kat Vancil & Amanda Havard) on to talk about writing spec fiction, Dr. Who and much more. 

Here's the link to the transcripts (both the Twitter & audio--check them both at the same time for the full experience)

Have a great weekend my friends!



  1. HEy, EJ..

    LOVED the song... Thanks for the Shout out! Have a great weekend!

  2. As one who often chooses a book by its cover, I'm looking forward to seeing that cover art.

  3. Congrats Siv and Michael, can't wait to see the cover! I think it's great when two on-line writing buddies come together like this. And I agree with you, the title definitely caught my attention. I can be a bit critical with it comes to titles, but this one is great.

    1. I don't know if I'm critical of titles, but most of them definitely slip under my radar, Elise. This one didn't. :)

      Also agree that I love seeing to people already connected collaborating with their talents. Usually creates a special product, I think.

  4. Yay! Love secrets. Tweeted!

    Hugs and chocolate,

    Will send you an email on AFO.

  5. It is always so much fun working with my blogger friends/family. If it were not for guys there most likely would be no book now. I am so excited to share Michaels cover. He did a fantastic job! I hope everyone thinks the book and title live up to!

  6. Beautiful song. Loved it. I can't wait to see the cover.

  7. I love collaboration! This is great. Also the music was a special treat this morning. Thanks.

  8. Oh, I didn't know about the podcast, that's awesome!!!

  9. I hope your box thumb has healed! I miss traveling to the next destination, but not the moving part-ick!
    I love what Siv and Michael have created~
    Thank you for the song!!

    I hope you and yours are doing well!!

  10. I have heard things about Siv's book!

    Haven't heard that song before, but I like it.


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