Here's another knowledge bomb, coming to you via author Elana Johnson (she also follows this blog, so show her the love!).

Elana is something of a query letter ninja, and she has even published a book all about it.  In a recent post on her blog, Elana discusses basically why you need to write your cover copy (that chunk of print you read on the back of a book to see if it's any good) as your query letter.  Elana did, and her query letter ended up as her cover copy!  Here's a snippet of what she had to say:

"every single word in the query letter is crucial. You never know which ones are going to make it all the way through to the book. "   

Elana's point is that your query must be beyond awesome, or BEAWESOME!  Go check out the entire post, you won't want to miss it.



  1. Was there a link to her post? If so, I missed it.

  2. Here's a linky.

    E.J. I remember that one. It was a good one. I think we might all do better to think of queries as cover copy.


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