Giving Up

We've all faced a moment when giving up seemed to be the only option.  To continue to struggle would yield too much pain, too much embarrassment, or too much compromise.  A moment, when defeat seemed the only end to our suffering.

"Death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorious is to die daily."  - Napoleon

Have you ever asked, "Why am I doing this?"  I do.  I have.  I will continue to.  I constantly consider (and reconsider) my ambitions to be a published writer.  I read so many wonderful things on a daily basis, and never once do I not stop to consider, albeit fleetingly: Am I good enough to do this?  I marvel at all of the talented people in the world, and wonder if I could ever create on that level. 

“If you can accept losing, you can't win.” - Vince Lombardi

That's when things get interesting.  It's in those moments when I'm most convinced that I'm waisting my time that I suddenly get some clarity.  When I'm convinced that I'm not using my other abilities and education to the fullest, instead choosing to toil away at something I may only be average at, it suddenly makes sense.  

I keep at it, because I understand that failure is a symptom of success.

“Victory is sweetest when you've known defeat.” - Malcom Forbes

Part of what enables me to keep going are the things I read from each and every one of you all.  Every writer has struggled with fears of failure, not being taken seriously, and the futility of working alone for days (weeks, years, etc.) without affirmation.  Blogging has been great, because it has allowed me to get to know lots of people who face similar challenges.  Although I've never met any of you personally, we share something very important: A shared enthusiasm for, and love of, literature and the burning need to put to paper the craziness that proliferates our minds.  Just know that there are others fighting the same fight gives me courage.

“But there is suffering in life, and there are defeats. No one can avoid them. But it's better to lose some of the battles in the struggles for your dreams than to be defeated without ever knowing what you're fighting for.” - Paulo Coelho

So I ask you, what do you do when you face defeat?  If giving up has ever crossed your mind, where did you turn?  Better still, what do you plan to do the next time doubt creeps up on you?



  1. I always tell myself that it is better to try and fail than to fail to try. That always makes me push through. I turn to journaling and sometimes unlock new ideas that help me. But it is nice to just get things out that are bothering me without hurting anyone else too.

    Less said is the less mended. My mom always told me that. Thanks for the great post.

  2. OMG, my dear, sweet young man. Listen to me. I started out writing at age 17. Thought I was good enough to become published in my 20's.

    I wasn't.

    I am 56. I did quit. Or try to. I did find something that occupied me for a while. I am an art major. Did I do anything with that degree? No. I drive a frigging bus--have been for 11 years.

    You listen to me, because you know I have been through the crap you have taken for decades, my dear. 3 DECATES I cried, and lamented, I bombasted everything and everyone including God for hating me so much.

    You can go and listen to the "experts" out there who tell you you can't do this, and to do it their way. What the F! I tried that. Been There Done That!

    I self published because as I looked at what I had not accomplished in life at age 50, I still needed to. It was not because I didn't try to go the traditional way that I self-published. The traditional way is BROKEN. They are trying to save themselves as the eBooks, and POD's are luring more and more writers.

    Do you think it's easy once you have a book published by a traditional publisher? No. YOu still have to go out there and do the advertizements and get the book under everyone's nose.

    And you know what? You have only a few short WEEKS to get people to buy your book, or it's shoved in a corner and put at discount. YOu've seen this at Borders and B&N, I'm sure.

    So. You want to be a writer. WRITE. F. the world. just write. Okay, babe?
    And do not appologize for anything.

  3. P.S. You need to e-mail me for any reason. It's at my blog, dude.

  4. I haven't met a writer year, including myself, that didn't think it was worthwhile at some point. It is fellow writers that will pick you up, tell you your writing is fantastic and push you to forge on.

  5. Oh, we all feel that way - but, but, but, we just can't stop writing. Stop over to my blog and read my post about being a Survivor, about thinking outside the box, about ... just writing because you love it.

  6. sigh...

    i think i take breaks but always always in the back of my mind i think about how much i want it even though it seems so unattainable.

    anyways, this post really cheered me up for some reason. love your blog :)

  7. I haven't felt like quitting the writing yet. But in general, my depressy cheerer upper is a trip to the movies. :)


“Much unhappiness has come into the world because of bewilderment and things left unsaid.” ― Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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