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Hey, gang! I'm sharing an interview I did recently with author Amy Evans with you today. Her book, Clicks, is a surfing adventure, a love story, an ode to dolphins, and so much more. Think you'll really dig learning about it.

A couple of quick news things first...

First, I wanted to mention that Camp New Adult is still chugging along, and this week we've got a Scrivener guru in the forums to take and answer questions. Her name is Kat, she's super helpful, and uses Scrivener in a lot of cool and different ways to help her writing process. 

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Second, I wanted to give a shout out to my pal Carrie Butler, who is re-releasing her book, Strength (which I've featured here on this blog), as an independently published book. 

She lost her reviews and sales ranking because of the transition, not to mention she's had to learn all the ins and outs of DIY publishing--all in a short amount of time. Furthermore, the sequel to Strength will be hitting the streets in just a couple of months.

So, to help kickstart things and celebrate the new direction in her career, Carrie is offering up Strength for .99 cents for a limited time. She was featured on this week's W4WS, so you may have already pitched in.

If you haven't, I know many of my followers here are Indies, and you know how steep the learning curve can be. So if you can, please consider jumping over to Amazon and downloading Strength. It'll cost you less than your next soda and be so much sweeter. :)

5 Questions With Amy Evans, Author of Clicks

EJ: "Born and bred to win, sixteen-year-old Cami's family expects her to join a secret society called The Guard, marry one of the two identical twin boys next door, and stay on Pinhold Island for the rest of her life. But she has other plans: work beach patrol, win the Surf Carnival and leave Pinhold to compete in international surf rescue competitions and see the world."

That's the blurb for Clicks. It sounds a little bit fantasy, a little bit sporty, a little bit The O.C., and a LOT awesome! So, which is it? 

AMY: Clicks is a coming of age story about a girl who takes her home and family for granted until they are threatened.

EJ: Clicks sounds like a beach goer's dream read. Where'd you draw your inspiration for the story from? Was it long days stuck inside dreaming about the beach, or long days AT the beach? :)
AMY: Long days at the beach actually. I wanted to spend even more time there, so I wrote about it.

EJ: There seems to be a strong environmental theme in Clicks. Is that something you're passionate about? Is there anything you hope readers will take away from the story?

AMY: The environmental theme Clicks grew from my obsession with dolphins and my real fear that the damage to our environment and oceans has become irreversable. I wanted the story to be accessible for people younger than me, to help them grow up with an interest in protecting the ocean.

EJ: Clicks is a self-professed coming of age story--an experience that is often sometimes sweet, and sometimes bitter. Why do we want to go on that ride with Cami (the heroine of Clicks)?

AMY: Cami gets to do really fun things - lots of swimming with dolphins and surfing and kissing. She's a reluctant hero who is content to sit back and wait for others to solve problems until her twin Mica is in danger. It's only when pressed that she embraces her natural strength and her instincts, which is the key: listen to that voice that's inside you because you are the only one who can.

EJ: Our favorite question here at The Open Vein! Why should Clicks be our end-of-summer read, and where can we snag a copy? (links to book, websites, author stuff will go here).

AMY: Because everyone wants to hold on to summer as long as you can. And no one ever gets enough time at the beach. And did I mention the hot lifeguards?

Here's where you can find me an Clicks!

Author Facebook
Author Goodreads

CLICKS (EJ NOTE: Also only .99 cents!)


  1. We are the only one who can hear that voice...
    Congratulations, Amy!

  2. I'm planning to use Scrivener for my next WIP.
    Better make it to chat. :)

    Woot for Carrie! Go, girl!!! :D

    Congrats, Amy! Best of luck with Clicks.
    Hm...I could use some beach time right about now. ;)

  3. Thanks for the shout-out, EJ! I appreciate it. :)

    Congratulations, Amy!

  4. Good luck to Carrie. What an unfortunate situation. Gotta love her cover, though!

    And Clicks sounds cool. Congrats, Amy!

    Hope you're doing well, EJ.

  5. Congrats Amy and Cami seems like a likable heroine.

  6. I definitely wish I could hold on to summer for a little bit longer at least, especially because I don't really want to have to go back to wearing four or five layers of clothes again. It sounds like an interesting book! Sixteen is a tough age, especially when you have to deal with other people's expectations versus what you want for yourself.

  7. Nice interview and Clicks sounds like a great read. I'm excited for Carrie and wish her all the best with this new venture. I have a feeling her series will be a huge success. :)

  8. Good interview, EJ and Amy!

    And good luck to Carrie!

  9. Clicks does sound like a great summer read. Best of luck, Amy!

  10. Congrats to Amy. Love the blurb.

  11. Thanks for introducing Clicks to me! Sounds great. And congrats to Carrie. She did a masterful job and so quickly.

  12. Nice! Sounds like a total dream beach read! Who doesn't love dolphins??
    Missed NA chat last week due to travels but looking forward to this week's! And yay for Carrie!

  13. support for carrie!
    and clicks sounds like a fun summer read to squeak in as school starts!

  14. Ack! Where is my time stopper? Here's another book I'm going to have to read--and I'm grimacing about it because I DON'T HAVE TIME! But I will just as soon as I master the universe and bring the elements under my control. ;)

  15. Nice questions and answers. Congrats to both on their books.


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