Character Closeups: The Heroes & Villains of Vallar, Pt 3

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To send us out of the week in style, today is the final installment of the inagural Character Closeups series. We get a look at our first villain, and learn a little more about Cindy Borgne's Vallar Series. If you missed the first two closeups, you can find them here and here.

I hope you've enjoyed these as much as I have. I've already arranged to do another closeup in a couple of weeks (next week will be more of a normal blog week around here--with a bevy of exciting new book announcements thrown in for good measure). 

Which brings me to the point: Do you have a book or series you'd like to share in a future Character Closeup? If so, shoot me an eMail (EJWesleyAuthor <AT> gmail <DOT> com) and we can discuss the details. :)

The Heroes & Villains of Vallar, Pt 3
(Author Note: These interviews take place between books 1 and 2)

Character Name: Admiral William Kodet

Hero or Villain: Villain

Who are you? I’m Admiral William Kodet, leader of Marscorp.

Where do you live? I live at Marscorp, of course, the most powerful organization on Mars. Our base is located in the Aonia Terra region. And by the way, Marscorp is running the southern hemisphere of Mars. If it wasn’t for the Vallar alliance, we’d be running the whole red planet.

What is it like to be the leader of Marscorp? It’s a demanding job, and I’m expected to get results. I’m under constant pressure to insure the progress of my organization. Sometimes I’m required to do things I don’t necessary like to do, but this is, after all, Mars.

What is it like taking over in the shadow of the former Admiral Beacon? *shakes head* I don’t consider myself to be in anyone’s shadow. However, I often feel that the council tries to compare me to him. Of course, this is annoying, and I’m going to prove to them that I’m better than Beacon ever was.

What is your problem in the story? First, I’m not allowed to discuss everything, but the main goal of Marscorp is to get our people back to Earth. The big problem is that, thanks to the Vallar Alliance, we are no longer able to shall we say, take advantage of smaller organizations. So I’m looking for new ways to enable our progress. We need vital technology, and sorry to say, we need the use of psychics. In other words, we need Ian Connors. 
Unfortunately, he betrayed us and killed Admiral Beacon. Not to mention he’s living at Gentech helping the Vallar alliance – most likely spying on me right now with his visions. If he thinks he is safe there, he’s so wrong…so very wrong. 

What do you regret? *grumbles* In book one we had Gentech spies working right in one of our repair hangars. This led to us losing the battle of the mine, not to mention hundreds of Marc lives – including some very close to me. I regret my inability to discover those spies, and one day I’m going to bring them to justice.

What kind of justice do you mean? They’re going to be executed. Just give me time. 

What are you afraid of? Normally, I would have to say “nothing” because that’s what I was trained to say. However, since the Marc council isn’t going to see this I will admit I’m afraid that if I don’t manage to get Connors back on our side it’s going to be the end of Marscorp.

Read more about the Admiral in The Seer of Mars and Visionary of Peace, Vallar books 1 & 2!

Seer of Mars is available here: 

Visionary of Peace is available here:

About the Author:

Cindy Borgne lives in the Detroit, Michigan area with her two kids and one stubborn, yet somehow lovable basset hound. She has worked a freelance editor, web-designer and computer instructor.

Prior to Vallar being published, Cindy won an honorable mention for short fiction from Writer's Digest. Her short story "ThunderSnow" was chosen as an editor's pick at Eloquent Stories. In 2011, Seer of Mars was a finalist in the Readers' Favorite contest.

Connect with Cindy Borgne: Blog/Facebook/Twitter 

Want to check out some of Cindy's work for free? 

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  1. It's interesting when you see it from the perspective of the villain. He's just as motivated as the hero and thinks he's right.

  2. He sounds determined.

    EJ, I burst out laughing at the first line of this post! I certainly couldn't do that on my blog.

  3. *spin it like a helicopter*

    I loved reading this character close up. Many villains are simply doing what they truly believe is right, even if it's by any "questionable" means necessary. The complications of characters.

    I'll try to reach out soon when I've got more established/published with my NEO Chronicles. A character close up would be fun to do :-)

    1. Hit me up when you're ready, AB. Would love to have you over! :)

  4. Thanks for having me this week, E.J. It's been a lot of fun, and I recommend it for other authors.

  5. I love character interviews and this was a good one. I could almost be on the admiral's side. Almost ;)

  6. Love this. I really enjoy character interviews. And what a great idea to get inside the head of the villain! fun, fun:)

  7. Just caught up with all three close-ups and really enjoyed getting to know more about Cindy's characters! These books sound like great reads.

    Great to meet you and learn about your books, Cindy! :)

  8. I am almost done with Visionary of Peace. Oy...Cindy sure knows how to create some villains. Poor Nate. That's all I'm gonna say about that.

  9. Great close up, and, like others here, I love character interviews!

  10. I have one of Cindy's books and look forward to reading it. Too bad that MarsCorp isn't making chocolates anymore--sounds dangerous and very Star Trekkish.

  11. Put your shirt back on, EJ. LOL

    Another great interview.
    I love the cover of TransShifter. Can't wait to read it. :)

  12. The Admiral sounds like a real piece of work! Good character interview!


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