No Limits, Please

Ever get tired of boxes?  I do!  Here's a tune for all of those who yearn to be set free to be anything and EVERYTHING they can be.

Hope you enjoyed Lenka!  (Her new album rocks, btw.)

Happy Sunday,



  1. Neat song. She kind of reminds me of the band Pretty Balanced. You should check 'em out. Thanks for the advice. As you can see, I'm able to comment again. (YAY!) After reading your advice, I realized that my blogger problems started up at about the same time that I upgraded to the new version of internet explorer. Changed to Google Chrome. Thanks for your help!

    ~Gina Blechman

  2. "All I wanna be is everything". You know the irony in you posting this little song is that you are a writer. This means as soon as you write something people want to know what genre it is. Is your work YA? Is it historical fiction? Is it science fiction? Speculative Fiction? Urban Fantasy, Sci-Fi...mystery? And then as soon as you identify it...someone says..."Oh I don't read YA or sci-fi or etc. etc." So then you say... "No...I think you might like it because it has elements of what you like..." which then takes you back to the argument where someone asks you...what is it that you're writing and you must choose a box.

  3. E.J. We loved this song. Thank you for making us smile.
    The Desert Rocks-sister loved it too!

  4. No more boxes! That's why I live in a sphere.

  5. I personally don't believe in boxes but my husband refused the whole circular house idea. Buzz kill. I think once we get our minds around the fact that we are at the wheel when it comes to our own destiny, we've won half the battle.

  6. Catchy song! I hate confinement; makes me feel claustrophobic. As writers, I think we all have to think outside of the box.

  7. Toooooootally think we may have found the tune for today! Awesome! High five! You did all the work, I clicksied one button, buuut STILL. Solid effort.


  8. I LOVE this song. I wanna be everything too!

  9. I hate boxes. I'm claustrophobic. ;)

    I don't know if you've gotten it before, but I decided to pass on the Blog on Fire Award to you here:

  10. Let's not talk about how many times I've listened to this. It's a good thing I wasn't actually being productive before I came here. :)

  11. Boxes?! If I have to look at another one anytime soon, I think I'll come unglued/untaped. Maybe all this moving I've had to do is the reason I dislike pigeonholing. Funny thing, though. I catch myself doing that to characters in my stories. It's a bad habit.

    Thanks for visiting my short story blog. I probably need to post on it again. Here it is almost summer, and the last story was about snow!

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