Who do I love? Could be you ...

Oh time change, how do I hate thee?  You make me feel like this ...

Hello all!  A couple of things on my mind ...

First, I can't express in words the heartache I feel for the folks in Japan.  Oddly enough, the catastrophe has had an impact on my small part of the writing world.  One of my longtime blog friends and writing group cohorts lives in Japan not far from the most heavily impacted areas.  After I awoke to the news, my thoughts immediately went to her.  I began to scour her blog and send out e-mails to our writing group partners, hoping beyond anything that someone had heard from her and that she was OK.  She had no internet, but was able to Tweet from her phone that she was fine.  I've rarely been so relieved, and it made me truly grateful for the technology.  

Do any of you have similar stories?  I'll leave the topic with this:  Help anyway that you can.

Second, and on the significantly less important side, it's Spring Break in my neck of the woods (and it actually feels like Spring!), so I've been busy getting some odd jobs done around the house.  It's kind of my ritual for this time of year as I've got the break from school, and the weather is still cool enough to get a lot of my plantings and garden maintenance done without risking heat stroke or 3rd degree sunburn.  While I've got tons I want to talk about with you all, the postings this week might be sporadic.  Next week should be back to business as usual.  

As such, I thought this would be a good opportunity to continue my special recognition of the people who've inspired me to continue with the madness that is blogging.  (YOU!)  It's also my way of saying thank you for any any and all blog awards I might have been given and failed to properly recognize.

Here are two more followers who deserve a little spotlight:  (HINT - Links to the blogs are the large titles below.)


The Bio: Donea is a self-proclaimed Utah "lifer" and lover of food, writing and many other things.  She's also one of the friendlier "faces" you'll see in the blog world.  Here's the bio from her blog:

"Welcome friends ~ so happy to have you here. You're welcome any time! :) I'm a UT-lifer, an oldest daughter, a BtVS fan 4 ever, a lover of baked goods, a huge proponent on GNOs, an eternal day-dreamer, a reader, a blogger, an aspiring writer, and so many other things. What you might find here are my musings on everything I love about life and a bit about my journey to publication. (Oh, and you get the pic of my dog because, well...he's cuter than I am. :)) Thanks for stopping by! ~Donea Lee Weaver"

Why You Should Follow: As Donea hints at in her bio, she's an eclectic person.  Her blog postings follow a similarly varied style.  (A style I adore, btw.  As if you couldn't tell from my own random blogging ...)  You'll find recipes, music and tons of writing related goodness.  She keeps a regular blog schedule, and I always find her stuff interesting because it's rarely exactly like anything she has posted before.  Did I mention she's funny as hell too?  In other words, you're not going to be bored with Donea any time soon.

The Sample: Here's an excerpt from one of her blog posts -

"First, may I ask a question?  Is there a brutal murder of chapter one in your foreseeable future?  Do you want to hit it with a hammer?  Stake it through the heart, maybe?  Gunshot to that first word?  String up the ending and just let it hang?

I was thinking ice pick, but heck.  I'm no Sharon Stone.  It's more likely I'll need to call a priest, because I'm not dealing with plain ol' maniacal chapters here.  My first chapter is THE DEVIL!!"
Margo Kelly by Margo Kelly :0)

The Bio: Margo is another of my oldest and dearest blog friends.  I think her blog was one of the first I ever followed, and she was one of my first followers.  (funny how that works)  It's kind of like we've come from the same e-Hood.  Here's the bio from her blog:

"In January 2009, I decided what I wanted to be when I grow up: a published author. Yup. That's right. I've written the book. Revised it until my brain exploded all over the pages, and then I revised it again. I am currently in the query process seeking an agent. In an attempt to not let my head explode again while waiting for query responses, I have started writing a second book. I have also submitted short stories for publication. 99% perspiration ... right? At least the effort to secure an agent should burn off some of the calories from the Symphony Bar I just ate. Come along with me for the journey. It could be entertaining. It could be helpful. Or, it could just be fattening."

Why You Should Follow:  Margo has a love for writing that is simply infectious.  Spend two seconds on her blog and you're going to see that she studies the craft and takes it seriously.  (But not TOO seriously.)  You're going to find tips on agenting (like fishing, but for agents), writing, blogging, reading and bunches of other things that all tie back into writing.  She is an extremely active blogger, and I find that her plain spoken insight is often exactly what my hyperactive writing mind needs to get me to focus on the writing and not all of the other 'junk' ... looking at you, Twitter.  

The Sample: Here's an excerpt from her blog -

"How do you provide a great critique of someone else's writing?

Here are some points to keep in mind, first:
1. Be polite: comment on things you do like about the writing
2. Be honest: give your true opinions
3. Be aware: give accurate advice
4. Be helpful: make suggestions for improvement

Next, before you can be a great critique partner, you need to read a book on the craft of writing (in my humble opinion!). Once you've read a book, you will know what to look for when critiquing. "

Be sure to check back next time, I might be in love with your blog too!



  1. Aw ... THANKS, man! You're okay in my book (I don't care WHAT the other bloggers say about you ... I like you!), and I'm THRILLED to think we come from the same e-hood. ha.

  2. Do people say bad things? Seriously, I lost a follower not 2 minutes after I posted this! lol (This is me not sweating it.)

    All kidding aside, I've really enjoyed your blog, Margo. I hope to be able to read you for a long time to come.


  3. Thank you for the links. I'm clicking over.

  4. Thanks, EJ! This is so very thoughtful of you. I feel quite honored to be featured here ~ :) And it's always good to find that I'm not out here laughing at my own supposed wit and thinking I'm far funnier than anyone else would think. Obviously, you ROCK! Thanks, again~

  5. Gosh, it used to be Paul McCartney and now...E.J.
    I can feel the love you feel for your blogging buddies!

  6. You're so sweet to pump up your bloggy friends :) Cool, I'll check them out!

    I'm so glad to hear your friend in Japan is okay.

  7. I follow both of them already--they're great bloggers!

    I'm glad to hear your friend is okay!

  8. Um...is that a cat or a dog? LOL. So glad it's better weather in your neck of the woods. I can't wait to start putting out flowers, but it will be a little longer for me.

    I'm already a follower of Ms Margo and she is awesome. But thanks for Donea. I'm now a follower of her as well.

    I'm relieved to hear that your friend is well. I have some close family friends in Hawaii and I was beyond worried about them. They have small children. Luckily everyone there was okay. Words escape me also. Guess we'll pray for them instead.

  9. Snort, I gotta say that cat is pretty hilarious....yes, although I like having an hour more of light in the evening, it is hell on wheels getting up after the time change. And I'm jealous for your Spring Break....it's two and a half weeks to ours...oh to survive til then!

  10. ah cute little kitty, cute little kitty :)

    We all bow to our Queen of Procrastination :) and we often visit her kingdom.

  11. I'm already familiar with Margo's blog and will check out Donea's.

    Love the cat!

  12. Poor kitty!

    I will check out those links!

  13. I'm so glad you're friend is all right - that's the most important thing right now.

    I'm also a follower of Donea and Margo. It's been really cool to expand my circle of blogging writer friends. Someday we'll hopefully be able to support each other through the next step.

  14. Very nice. And I love the cat too - I'm a sucker for wet, ticked off animals.

  15. I still cannot wrap my head around Japan...it's so devastating. But I tip my hat to you for caring about your fellow writers AND for pimping out other bloggers.

  16. I've known Margo Kelly for a couple months now (delighted to find another Margo!) and then when the Crusade started I found Margo Benson too!! She's another awesome. I think i remember Donea for my crusader visits too, but I'll definitely pop by her place again.

  17. I have a friend in Japan too...thank God he's all right. And thanks for the links to other bloggers. I love checking out new ones!

  18. Love the cat picture! Glad your friend is okay. It's scary how bad it is over there.

  19. Hi E.J. -- I'm going to hop right over and visit these two blogs. They sound great.

    What is it about spring that makes us do such weird stuff? I've actually been in the mood to clean, organize, and de-clutter. I'm trying to work fast before the urge goes away.


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