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Seriously, just wanted to share my Mockingjay release story.  I was in bed reading on my Nook eReader, and had just finished up the latest Artemis Fowl book (more on that later this week).  This was around 11 PM (CST).  I say to myself, "Self, I bet Mockingjay is already available for download as it's after 12 AM EST."  I hop over to the bookstore on my Nook, and it says it's available for Pre-Order.

RATS!  Oh well, I reason, I'll just pre-order so I'll have it first thing tomorrow AM.  I make the purchase, and can't resist opening it on my Nook, just to see if by chance the book had actually been pushed down to my device due to the time difference.  There it was, in all of it's digital glory!!!!

I nearly woke my wife with my giddy school girlesque laughter (Katniss would not approve ...).  I spent the next couple of hours reading.  So, FYI to all of you digital book downloaders, most of the books are probably going to be available at 12 AM EST.

Had I had a single coconspirator, I would have gladly went to a 'live' event, but it still felt kind of special, because I'd gotten the book a tad early.

At any rate, I'm off to read the rest!  Do any of you have Mockingjay stories?


  1. that is such a cool way to get it - i would have been pumped too - and definitely wouldve woken up my husband

    being in Australia, we're all a day ahead of you guys. (its already early wednesday morning here) so that felt kinda cool - reading everyone saying they couldt wait for tomorrow and i was already in your tomorrow happily reading away :)

  2. Nomes: Lucky! :0) We need to discuss when we're certain everyone has finished reading!

  3. My "Mockingjay" story is "tame" compared to yours. This cheapskate actually pre-ordered the hardcopy.

  4. Since I'm in Japan (13 hours ahead of EST) I spent half my workday clicking refresh on Amazon. It popped up at 3 am EST, 4 pm here. Exactly the time work ends!!!

    Done and loved it! I've already blogged about it.

    No spoilers (I think :)

  5. This is all I keep hearing about - Mockingjay this, Mockingjay that! I'll have to look into this series... but the premise sounds so gruesome!!! It's really that addictive?

  6. @ Claire - Man, I thought I had managed to do something 'sneaky', but you really got the jump on me! I'll head over to see if you thought it was worth the wait.

    @ Kathryn - The story is intense, but expertly crafted. It's a little like Lord of the Flies, in that way. You should definitely read them. (And I'm not the guy that universally recommends books all that often. These are just too good to miss, regardless of your genre/reading preferences.)

  7. I got my copy this morning, then retreated to a cozy corner of my house to read it. I am only coming out for more coffee and to say hi to my fellow Mockingjay fans

  8. Thanks for tearing yourself away to chat, Trisha!

  9. ...we've had MockingJay on reserve for several weeks, and picked it up shortly after breakfast. Unfortunately, oldest son's claimed it first, and the wife's called dibs on the 2nd read...I'll get to it eventually:)

  10. I hear you Elliot. Luckily, My wife didn't start in on the first book until recently, so I should have plenty of time to finish before she claims it!


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