Chapter Challenge Update

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I'm part of a group of writers who have decided to pair up and send each other new work every week.  It's called the Weekly Chapter Challenge, and it's mostly a tool to stay motivated and accountable with regards to your writing.  We do it by having a buddy that's expecting to see your new stuff as well as having you share some thoughts about what they've done.

In short, I love it.  I have an awesome partner (Margaret - here's her blog) who keeps her deadlines, and is always flexible.  Plus, she's a pretty crafty writer/reader herself!

Unfortunately, the last few weeks have been hard with travel, etc. getting in the way of my writing time.  As a result, I've started sending my 'buddy' chapters from an already completed story.  I don't like doing that, because it kind of undermines the intent of the group, but I don't want to not send anything.  Furthermore, I really value my partner's thoughts, so I think it still serves a purpose.

My buddy has been sending me her work on schedule, and I feel that I should honor her efforts.  The solution?  This week I get back on track!  I'm writing up a storm, so hopefully the new stuff will start flowing again.

If you're a writer and are interested in the group and maybe swapping some of your own work with a buddy, you can check it out here.



  1. It's really the best thing. My partner is Katie and I'm really staying on top of my game because of her great suggestions and expectations that I'll be sending her work each week. Phenomenal! Also, I'm reading some great stuff too!

  2. It really is an awesome group. I've grown quite fond of it. =). (Ironic, though, how I can get the edits done on time and sent back and forth, but I can never get my blogging done without something getting in the way. We see where my priorities are. ; P). Love your posts.



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