Get Moving Monday ... Right on, man. Right on.

O.K., my get moving has left me, so I'll be brief ...  

I just wanted to share some exciting news on the writer front; apparently a bunch of GENIUS YA authors and agents have decided to join forces and put on a FREE online writers conference.

FREAKING FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's the dirty:

It's called WRITEONCON

It's being held August 10-12

There are some absolutely ACE agents and literary pros already signed up to present

You can attend the entire event in your Thundercats PJs

IT's F.R.E.E.

Here's the link.

Now, a funny.

In the words of Uncle Rico, "Right on.  Right on."

You may happy dance now.


  1. I love Napoleon Dynamite! And thanks for the shout out about WriteOnCon! :)

  2. Thundercats PJ's?? Are you trying to tell us something??? I'm supposed to be at an actual conference those days, but since I can't find my passport, I might doing the free one instead.

  3. No problem, Elana. Thank you all for doing such a service. I think it's a truly awesome idea, and one I plan to take advantage of.

    @ Claire: "Thundercats are goooooooooo!!!!"


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